Getting creative with marketing communications.

Who's Lamoraga? Well, when Mr. Moraga and Ms. Lamore decided to tie the knot in life and work we made a commitment to each other to build upon our strengths as a family and as creative professionals. The amalgam of our names was as easy as the marriage of our communication talents.

For the last two decades, Monique's focus has been on account & project management, direct mail, event marketing and print brokering for many Southern California non-profit clients.

Jim's been handling creative direction, copywriting and design chores for a Fortune 500 clients throughout California for over 25 years. His deep agency background has provided him with broad spectrum of creative experience and understanding of a great many industries and markets.

Over a decade later and with some amazing kids in tow, we’ve been able to make it work and make the work matter—despite challenging economic times, shrinking marketing budgets, volatile business cycles and never ending diaper changes.

How do we do it? Well, communication is a huge part, obviously. That and coffee. Strategic creative, solid teamwork and belief in our work product, rounds out the package. We build collaborations with our clients and more importantly keep our communications honest, because at the end of the day, it's all about relationships. It's your relationship to customers, audiences and vendors that keep you going. It's our strategic understanding and creative ability to keep your advertising, branding and marketing communications fresh and relevant that keeps our relationship with you positive and prosperous for all.

Why do we do it?  With the rapid churn of new media platforms and communication innovations over the last 25 years, it's hard to imagine stepping off a merry-go-round moving this fast. Even the terra firma of the language we use in our lives is morphing under our feet to meet the “new normals” of society that seem to be manifesting every year.

Someone has to help clients navigate the currents of today's fluid audience environment with an understanding of both traditional advertising, branding and marketing and digital communications and the opportunities available to help them capture these audiences and grow their business.

Client Experience

The following list reflects clients served by both Jamdesigns and Lamoraga Communications since the early 1990's.


American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Aquatech, Bank of America, Bechtel, DirecTV, Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company, Fluke Corporation, Illuminant Partners, James River Corp., Lift-It Mfg., Pacific Stock Exchange, Inc., Pioneer Electronics (USA), Inc., Schlumberger, Wells Fargo & Company


Baume & Mercier, IWC Schaffhausen, Jaeger-LeCoultre


ARC of Riverside County, Catholic Charities of Los Angeles, Centro de Niños y Padres, Variety Boys & Girls Club of Los Angeles


Buena Vista Interactive Entertainment, Carnation Foods, Epic Products, Inc., Guild Wineries, Headblade, Inc., Jelly-Hearts, Nestle Beverage Company, Windsor Vineyards


Advanced Micro Devices, Artisoft, Craic Technologies, Fujifilm Data Storage, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi Internetworking, Informix, Kingston Memory, Microsoft Corporation, Motorola Computer Group, Pioneer Digital Technologies, Ramp Networks, Sega of America, Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystem, Theatrix Interactive, TLD Registry Ltd.


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